Monday, April 23, 2012

Embrace Who You Are

"The way you are, the way you feel right in this moment is perfection."

All spiritual teachings approach spirituality from different viewpoints or planes.  For me to approach spirituality from a different plane does not invalidate other teachings, it simply just offers teachings from another, different plane.  Truth is inclusive, not exclusive.  It is possible, when truths are contained on different planes, for all truths to be simultaneously true.  It is with that awareness that I write the following.

I have noticed a tendency among New Age teachers to focus on attainment of a future state as a goal.  In fact, these teachers proclaim “enlightenment” as a goal.  They say that happiness and love are our true nature (I have even said or written that as well).  Even if we take this “state” or “way of being” out of the future, saying that we are a certain state or should be in a certain state is what I would to like offer a different take on.

Here is the plane I would like to talk from.  Enlightenment or awakening does not exist.  Joy is not an emotion.  Love, the way I talk about it, is not an emotion.  In fact, in my definition, joy and love are the same thing; they are not feelings, but a state of awareness.  There is nothing to attain.  There is nothing you need to be.  You already ARE it.  Joy and love encompass both happiness, sadness, compassion, hate and fear.  In this plane I talk about, the law of attraction breaks.  This is because there is nothing to attract.  If you ARE it, if you ARE everything that you ever need, then what you are trying to attract is yourself.  Well, that is impossible, because you are already you.  Trying to attain any future state will always result in ultimate failure.

What a beautiful proposition!  You have the freedom to be any way that you want, because you have been taken off of the hook.  The way you are, the way you feel right in this moment is perfection.  Perfection includes both perfection and imperfection.  This is because perfection is simply wholeness.  It is completeness.  It is realizing that every loving thought and shaming thought are both you.  It is realizing that your elated euphoria and deep depression are also you.  Feeling an orgasm or pain is also you.  You are perfect exactly as you are.

This is the paradox.  It is only through embracing our light and our shadow in this present moment that we are joy or love.  Yes, we may feel feelings of elatedness or happiness yet this is not the goal.  You may feel depressed yet that is also joy.

It is embracing who you are right now that is true freedom.  Be mad, be angry, be forgiving, be happy, be anything you want.  Isn’t that freedom?  If that is not freedom, I do not know what is.  Of course, there is the law of cause and effect, so, if I am mad at someone or treat them in a rude manner, then that will be reflected back at me at some point.

Saying that we should all be happy all the time or positive and that, not being that way is not true spirituality, is just religion all over again.  Isn’t that what we are trying to avoid in the first place?  We are running away from religion right into religious dogma all over again.

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