This is a collection of quotes that I have written, based on teachings from others or things that I have learned in life.

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"I cannot ever stray from God's plan.  Even if I make a 'wrong' turn, God is still there.  God is always with me... in the good times and the bad."

"I need to pay more attention to my internal spiritual condition and get caught up less on what the right thing to do is."

"My life is a journey from ego-inspiration towards divine-inspiration."

"Reality informs my spirituality and my spirituality informs my reality."

"All that I need in life, I have in this present moment."

"My will is a powerful tool at my disposal. Money cannot buy it, nor can anyone take it away. With it, I can choose to live a life of happiness."

"Progress on my spiritual path can be measured by how much of my time is spent each day living in my soul versus living in my ego or mind."

"Living my life according to my inward, spiritual nature may not secure outward success; instead, it does guarantee inner peace and happiness."

"If I surrender to a difficult situation, space is created where other people can step in and help out."

"If I learn to understand the aspects of myself that are hidden from me, new doors are opened to me in every day life."

"We have forgotten... If we could only remember what powerful, eternal beings we are! Full of love and light; limited only by our imagination and creativity."

"If I am truly detached from the outcome of a situation, my focus is on the current step I am taking and my future plans include all possible outcomes."

"Renunciation that feeds the ego serves no purpose; sometimes I must break my own rules to be true to my heart and remind myself of the purpose of my sacrifice."

"This world is illusory; my eternal Spirit exists in a temporal world. The higher vibration of my thoughts manifest themselves through inspired action."

"I can always be kinder to, more gracious to and more loving of myself."

"Waking up involves a one-time, conscious sacrifice of ego and then a daily, loving sacrifice of each thought that takes me out of awareness."

"Just as clouds form when warm air meets cold, so our emotions sit on the boundary between inner peace and outer attachment."

"If I take care of myself and my basic needs, I contribute to my own personal power and sense of self worth."

"Where am I going? I am already there. Why am I striving? It is already here. For that which I seek and strive for is closer than my very breath. I am enough."

"I am an active participant in life rather than a passive observer of it."

"There is no downside to being nice to everyone you see today."

"Mistakes are a necessary part of life and, just as a ship can only change direction by moving forward, so mistakes indicate I am making progress."

"Happiness is found in being rather than doing. To be happy, BE happiness."

"To let go of attachment, I avoid labeling. I accept myself, others and this moment as it is. I realize that all is good and love motivates all I do."

"Just as I can only cover my ears for a time, I can only ignore my intuition temporarily. It is a source of knowing that surfaces when I am quiet."

"We find happiness in learning to embrace change."

"How would I act today if my source of joy was making other people happy?"

"There is but one truth in life. That we are all one. There is one reality, one consciousness and one breath that gives us all life. This force is the power of Love."

"When I am in doubt whether I should wait or act, I should usually wait. Patience and tranquility are guideposts along my path that I am learning how to see."

"The key to spirituality is to expand the time I spend in meditation or my spiritual practice until I am living in that space as much as possible."

"I live by my own discernment and with a sense of wonder. Life is a great teacher with lessons in the smallest of things if I am willing to learn."

"Nothing is required and there is nothing for you to do to experience the vastness and immenseness of the limitless Love that is deep inside your heart."

"Our inner world is a direct reflection of how we view our outer world."

"How truly miraculous it is that I am alive now and in this time in history! Just being alive and experiencing life miraculous is a gift hiding in plain sight."

"True freedom occurs when I can learn to listen to that still, small voice inside me and not what anyone else may say, regardless of popularity or circumstance."

"The foundation upon which my entire life is built must be self-love. The degree to which I love myself is the degree to which my inner and outer life improves."

"There is a powerful force at work, call it God, the Universe or luck, that goes before me every day, working all things towards the greatest good."

"'Being normal' is really an illusion. We are all uniquely gifted and different in wonderful ways. Let your gifts shine and show all your unique purpose in life!"

"I need to be constantly reminded to go with the flow of life. I am like the water of a deep river that bends around stones and curves with the banks of life."

"If you say 'yes' to life, if you answer your life's calling, there is no limit to what you can do."

"There are no coincidences in life but divine appointments. They serve to strengthen my faith; they are an outer reminder that deepen and widen my inner life."

"I may feel shame because I have mental idols of how my life should be. I give up idols that have crowded my heart so that love may more fully blossom there."

"You are a miraculous gift and are here to fulfill a unique purpose. You are a light to this world and bring love to all around you."

"To be filled, I must be empty. To be used, I must be hollow. To carry love to others, I must be an empty vessel, casting aside my ego. Then, true miracles occur."

"How much peace I feel is determined by how spacious my interior life is, creating a buffer around events in my life so that I can observe them with detachment."

"I have faith in the power of others to help me, for I am not separate but inseparably linked to others, opening a window where healing and love enter."

"I am called by life to become love, in other words, to embody love to others. The focus is on who I am rather than what I do, on being rather than doing."

"You are a reflection of the many attributes of the Universe, a window to the Infinite and a doorway of endless possibility."

"Forgiveness is not merely ceasing to blame another but learning to see life from their perspective, seeing their motive in the most loving and compassionate way."

Quotes I Like

"To become selfless at each step one takes forward on this path, for what prevents one from cultivating the loving quality is the thought of self." ~ Inayat Khan

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." ~ Ghandi

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate... [but] that we are powerful beyond measure.  it is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." ~ Marianne Williamson

"There is no such thing as impossible. All is possible. Impossible is made by the limitation of our capacity of understanding." ~ Inayat Khan

"I'm a spiritual being having a human experience." ~ Unknown

"Every thought is a prayer." ~ Caroline Myss