Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our View of God and Others

"Our inner world is a direct reflection of how we view our outer world."

There are two ways to transform ourselves, going inward and going outward.  Both are powerful ways on our path of spiritual evolution and both have their place and purpose.  In fact, both should be engaged simultaneously to produce truly powerful results.  I am now exploring a path to inner transformation through examining how we view the outer world.  One way that we view the outer world is how we view God.

How we view God is so closely tied with how we view ourselves.  This is why it is important that we identify what this Power is to us.  If it is
Science, then we view ourselves very logically and cause and effect plays a big role in our lives.  If it is Love, then we see ourselves very lovingly in all things. If we have little to no interaction with this Power, then we have cut ourselves off from a part of ourselves, literally.

If we see a stern, judgmental God, then we are hard on ourselves. If we see a forgiving God, then we forgive our own wrongs. The examples could continue on and on. 

I firmly believe that this Power exists, is a relational, personal Spirit, and is real to me. We need to closely examine our view of God because of this relationship to Self.  Even if you do not believe it, start with positive affirmations about your Power, re-examine old beliefs, and receive healing for any ways that your spiritual world has been traumatized.

One way to do this is to remind yourself of these affirmations regularly.  You could say "The world is filled with Love and is a good and safe place to be."  Throw out old beliefs of a stern, judgmental God that is counting your every sin.  Then, act as if these new beliefs are true.  Lean towards choices in your daily life that put power out of your hands and into those of the Universe.  You will begin to reap the rewards as your spiritual beliefs are embodied in the physical world.

By the same token, how you view other people, especially your enemies, is also closely tied to how you view yourself.  This begins with not only forgiving your enemies but embracing and loving them as much as your friends. If you do not, then you are literally treating the darker recesses of your consciousness the same way.  You are divided internally to the extent that you do not forgive your enemies.

In short, our inner world is a direct reflection of how we view our outer world. If we transform ourselves from the outside, our inner life will begin to reflect this change as well.   As you do these things, you will begin to notice an inner transformation.  You will feel more loving and accepting of yourself.  You will feel happier and more positive.  As your outward view of God and others improves, so your inward view of yourself is more inline with your true nature.

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