Sunday, December 11, 2011

Experience the Unknowable

"The concept of God is beyond what the rational mind can comprehend."

For many, there is an emphasis on a belief in a deity.  The notorious question is, do you believe in God?  This has given rise to atheists, agnostics, deists and so on.  The interesting aspect of this question is that it may sometimes suppose that a disbelief in God means that God does not exist.

The truth is that the word God is attempting to give form to the Formless.  Even the word is limiting God as she cannot be compressed into 3 letters.  There also is historical baggage associated with this word.  The usual saying is "God is not an old white man with a beard."  There may have been things done in the name of our word for deity that we do not agree with.  There may be definitions for this word that you do not agree with.  In addition, the concept of God is beyond what the rational mind can comprehend anyways.  Our word for the Supreme is a place holder and nothing more.

Asking someone "Do you believe in God?" is like asking them "Do you believe in electricity?"  Even if you do not believe in electricity, you can still turn on the lights in your house.  Does not believing in electricity cause it to cease to exist?  Of course not!  You can still experience the benefits of a thing without believing in it.  It is quite possible that there is too much emphasis on belief.  For some, it may be useful to think of Reality, Science or Happiness as this outside force.

Rather than struggle with attempting to answer this question, I suggest that it is possible to just leave it as a question.  I also suggest that possibly this is not the right question to ask in the first place.  If you are an atheist, that is okay too.  However, I submit that there is mystery in the question.  Saying "there is no God" implies that your mind can grasp what this word represents.  The adventure in life comes from being open to new questions and new answers.

I suggest that maybe a Higher Power is more an absence of what we see in this world.  We need to be open to a constantly changing definition as we become more conscious of this Power.  To define or label is to limit.  It may be most useful to think of the purest, happiest time of your life to fill your "placeholder."  A better pursuit than attempting to answer this question is to strive for experience.

Experience this energy outside yourself in the way in which you are most comfortable.  Maybe it is through sitting in silence, walking in nature, singing or indulging in your favorite hobby.  By opening yourself to the unseen, you are opening a window so that you may experience this force firsthand.

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