Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Live in Love

"Goodness is not limiting your humanity but giving you the very things that are the desires of your heart."

We all intuitively know that Love is the highest aim, the highest thing we can aspire to in this life. We know that goodness and light are the realities that we can and should live in our day to day existence. Yet, we avoid Love and we avoid our goodness. We are more comfortable living in fear, shame and darkness. Why is that?

We avoid Love and are afraid of our goodness because of where we have been and mistaken beliefs about the world. We have been on a long journey that began with us being conditioned into a certain way of being. Until we are awake, we live in this temporal existence, thinking that this is all that there is. Even if we have religious dogmas that occupy a portion of our consciousness, these do not enter into our practical lives sometimes. We, at a real gut level, are living in this material world and following it's laws and meeting it's expectations. If you have done this for a number of years, you have been conditioned to live in fear rather than Love.

We also may have been conditioned that we are sinful beings, which is the exact opposite of the truth. We are perfect Beings who do not live perfect lives because our standard of perfection is flawed and because we are learning how to live a life in our Spirit, or according to our spiritual nature. In truth, the light of God is inside all of us, we just need to get rid of the stuff that blocks this light from shining through.

We are afraid to live a life of Love and goodness, because we do not understand what that is. Do you not know that goodness is what makes you happy? Think about the happiest time of your life and picture feeling that way constantly. We think that being good means sacrificing, finishing last and not being bad. It really does all come down to living in Love, where there is no opposite. In this way of living, we do not label so there is real freedom here. You do not have to live a life of not trying to be bad. Just live in Love and let the chips fall where they may.

I really cannot emphasize this point enough. Our avoidance of goodness is because we do not understand what is truly good. Goodness is saying "yes" to life and does not limit our beliefs or actions. This is not a list of things we should not do. If you wrote down the top 3 things you want in life, that is goodness. Goodness is not limiting your humanity but giving you the very things that are the desires of your heart.

It's like we have been given two pills to swallow each day. One is for love and the other for fear. We may swallow the love pill occasionally but we consciously swallow the fear pill more consistently. This does not make sense! The love pill will give you everything you want and make you happy, yet we throw it away.

Living in Love is something we can do every day. As we surrender more and more to a life of love, the easier it becomes to live this way. The misconceptions begin to fall away and we discover the freedom that is ours if we just choose a life of Love.

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