Sunday, November 6, 2011

Love and Respect Others

"We live in a wonderfully good, compassionate Universe and have a patient God who waits for us to blossom like a flower as we realize eternal Truths."

You should see all people as having a spark of the Divine in them.  At the same time, you are connected to others as we are all One.  Many teaching stem from this truth.  Treating others the way you would like to be treated.  Loving your enemies.  Forgiving others.  This is because there is no difference between yourself and others.  If you are kind to someone, you are being kind to yourself.  If you are cruel to someone, you are being cruel to yourself.  This is not figurative language.  You are literally hurting yourself on many levels by thinking you are a separate Being from others.

There are many levels to this truth.  There is the notion of karma in that positive and negative actions will come back to you in some form in this life.  There is a physical reality in that you store up toxins and disease in your body if you harbor ill feelings for others or mistreat others.  Also, you are the co-creator of your own reality.  If you treat others with love and respect, you are co-creating that reality for yourself.  You will attract events, circumstances and people that vibrate with that higher level of energy.

The negative you see in others is a projection of yourself, your fears and weaknesses.  You can quickly begin to see that your reality is exactly as you make it.  Others are truly an extension of yourself.

The hallmark of spirituality is compassion.  Yet, why do you see so many people trying to convert or proselytize others into their way of thinking?  This very action goes against that which they are trying to promote, if that indeed is a spiritual way of living.  Each person is on their own path and should be following it of their own volition.  If we just realized that all paths lead to the same Ultimate Truth, then we would realize that there is no need for converting others.

People will be attracted to a higher vibrational energy because it matches their own.  This will happen naturally in the soul's natural course of evolution.  Our mission in life should be generosity, service and compassion without expectation of getting anything in return.  At the same time, if others approach you and ask you about your philosophy on life or spirituality, that is entirely different.  In that case, you are to freely explain whatever they would like to hear.

At the same time, in seeming paradox to the previous discussion, there is no where to get to.  You are already there.  It is the realization of who You are that takes some time.  But there is no rush.  We live in a wonderfully good, compassionate Universe and have a patient God who waits for us to blossom like a flower as we realize these eternal Truths.

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