Saturday, November 5, 2011

Be an Alchemist in Life

"We can change any life circumstance into supreme goodness if we realize that every circumstance is perfect in and of itself."

Good and bad are just labels that we assign to things.  Rather than label, we should just look at the object or circumstance without judgment.  As soon as we judge, we stop discussion and internal dialog about it, which blinds us to reality.  In fact, good and bad are the yin and yang of our earthly existence.  They are necessary and complimentary of each other in this world.

The place where we want to get to is a place where there are no opposites.  Our hope and our faith is in our Higher Power, where there is only supreme goodness, happiness and joy.  In a word, Love.  How do we get there?

We drop judgment and drop labeling.  We let things be as they are.  We learn to hold both the "good" and "bad" in our Being simultaneously.  There is no conflict, because the good and the bad are illusions of this world.  If we label something good and truly experience it as such, we are guaranteed to experience the bad.  If we place our happiness on a form, we are guaranteed to experience the associated sadness.  This is because every form is temporary and will disappear someday.  We came into this world naked and will leave naked.  Our happiness comes from the Formless, which is an eternal, unchanging source of Joy.

We need to stop seeing good or bad as outside ourselves.  Inside us, there is only goodness, happiness and Love.  We need to see the world from the inside out.  Look at life through a lens of Love.

We need to learn how to be alchemists.  We can change any life circumstance into supreme goodness if we realize that every circumstance is perfect in and of itself.  It is only our limited human perspective that makes us label something as bad.

We should all be learners in every situation.  See things for what they are, beyond the labels.  Everything in life is cause and effect.  We do not think about making lemonade when life gives us lemons because we are so busy feeling "bad" about the lemons that life gave us.  Being a learner means being open to things outside ourself influencing our thoughts, perceptions and emotions.  If we learn the lessons that life gives us, we break the cycle of our own habits and progress to the next stage.  In short, our spiritual evolution can progress if we are open to change.  All of this is only possible if we are viewing life through our lens of Love.

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