Monday, November 28, 2011

Basic Spiritual Truths

"We are like actors and actresses at a dress rehearsal, trying on different costumes and playing different roles."

There are few truths in this life that we were meant to understand.  Yet, they are so beyond our understanding that they are stumbling blocks for us.  Many speak of these same truths in different ways.  It is when we fully understand them and start living them that our perspective changes.  That is when enlightenment begins.  For some, it may be a gradual process of awakening, yet, for others, it may happen in a sudden moment of insight.

The first truth is that we are Spirit.  We are made up of energy and exist independently of our physical body.  Our spirit is eternal and indestructible.  It is this Spirit that links us all as we all share this same spirit.  We are One with all that is, with each other, with our planet and the physical world.

The second truth is that the spiritual world is Reality and our physical existence is the dream.  We are like actors and actresses at a dress rehearsal, trying on different costumes and playing different roles.  Life is meant to be lived playfully and not with attachment to our role in the play.  If our consciousness is energy and is the one force behind our living body, does it not make sense that this consciousness is the paradigm from which all other realities must be considered?

It is when our priority changes from the physical to the spiritual that we start to wake up.  It only takes 51% of your consciousness to consider your Spirit more real than your body for the shift to occur.  Do we not see that everything good in life comes from that which we cannot see... happiness, love, joy, peace?

The third truth is that we were meant to live by our feelings and intuition, rather than the mind.  If we are Spirit, then we were meant to live by the tool that was given to us to navigate the spiritual world which is our feelings.  Our mind is to be used as a tool as well, when needed, realizing that our mind ties us down to physical reality whereas our feelings help us to rise above the physical plane.  When we start living this reality, it is like learning how to breathe underwater.  We find out we have spiritual lungs that we are not used to using.  At first it seems foreign, yet, the more practice we get, the more we see that a life lived according to intuition is like living life for the first time.

What helps on this path is when we see that the physical reality does bend around living a life by the Spirit.  Events, situations, and people miraculously start entering your life in such a coordinated way that you know that there is One mind behind it.  That is when you see the true power that comes from the spiritual realm.  Your spiritual quest has a very immediate reward with access to this power as you live a life according to your spiritual nature.

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