Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Concept of God

"On this journey, all it takes is traveling 1% of the distance by faith and the Universe will travel the remaining 99% to meet you."

This post is deeply personal as it reflects my current beliefs about the unseeable in this world.  At the same time, it may help you if you have some of the same questions that I do.  The spiritual path cannot be understood by the intellect.  This is why it is so difficult to write about it.  I am, in a sense, trying to write from my spirit or soul and connect with yours.  Yet, we are having to do that through our mind that is incapable of understanding these truths.  The secret is letting go of your rational mind and being with the truths.  This is a scary thing to do so it is understandable if it takes some time to be able to work yourself up to this point.  Once, you do, I think you will see that things start to fall into place.

To be honest, it is very frightening sometimes to believe in that in which we cannot see.  Since it goes against the intellect, we are constantly having to relax our minds to continue on this path.  You might think or even have others call you "crazy", however, in order for there to be a crazy, there has to be a normal.  What is normal in this world?  I heard someone say you have to be a little "out of your mind" to progress on this path.  This is because spiritual truths are outside your mind and reside in a place of being.  They are already a part of you.

The penultimate illustration of this is my concept of God.  First and foremost, you can already see the paradox. A "concept" which is in the mind and God who is beyond comprehension.  Yet, we can try.  My concept of God is constantly changing and this is perfectly acceptable.  God is inside and outside.  She is personal and impersonal.  Some days I want to throw the whole "God" model out and see God as the interconnectedness we have with others or as the laws of nature.  This is fine too.  I see when I want to do this it is because I am clinging to my rational mind.  I really do not even like to use the word God or many spiritual words because I think they have a lot of baggage associated with them.

My point is that this is why we all need faith.  Faith is what sustains me on my spiritual path when I find myself clinging to thoughts.  I also am reminded that, when I feel inner resistance to the spiritual path, this is to be expected as it does come down to belief.  This is also why we need to progress forward in our journey, where even a seemingly "backslide" is still forward.  We are always learning and evolving spiritually.  As we experience the supernatural in a concrete way in our lives, we see that Spirit meets us where we are at if we just move an inch forward.  In other words, all you need to do is have 1% of faith and the Universe will make up the remaining 99%.  As you experience the Supernatural in your life, your faith increases.  This is when a perspective shift starts to occur.  Yet, without this 1% of belief, we are stuck in rational thought.

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  1. you are so beautifully expressive. it has brought tears to my eyes. thank you for the notion that a 'backslide' is part of the moving forward. thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us.