Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be Consciously Selfless

"If you practice putting others before yourself willingly, knowing what you are doing, you are aligning yourself with the Power of the Universe and have all of Heaven to help you."

We are often faced with a choice in life where we are asked to align ourselves with the world that we see and the world of the unseen, that is the spiritual world or higher ideals.  The moments when this occur are very subtle and, if we miss them, we miss out on a chance to deepen our spiritual life.  Such moments usually have the following elements in common.  Some event in your life occurs or someone acts in such a way that infringes on your ego.  You feel that pang in your stomach, the one you feel when someone takes advantage of you.

The fundamental wisdom of this world is, in such cases, to right the wrong.  The advice goes along the lines of standing up for your rights, defending yourself, and wanting equal justice.  All of this advice plays upon the ego. Just as you have an ego, there are collective consciousnesses, large and small, that have egos as well.  Your family, friends, co-workers, even "religious" people may endorse you defending your ego or even their collective egos.  Instead of asserting your or their rights, see a time such as this as an ample opportunity to practice aligning yourself with the unseen, that still, small voice inside you that comes from a Power greater than yourself.

You see, such circumstances were put into your life for exactly that purpose.  To not do so is to miss a chance to grow spiritually and see things from a higher dimension.  Such advice flies in the face of the conventional wisdom of this world and you will be ridiculed as being weak, not having a backbone or caving to pressure.

The higher truth in this is that there are two types of selflessness.  The first type is always giving into other's demands unknowingly because you are weak.  The second, highest, type is practicing putting others before yourself willingly, knowing what you are doing and the sacrifice you are making.  This is quiet strength.  In doing this, you are aligning yourself with the Power of the Universe and have all of Heaven to help you.  In such a case, if someone takes advantage of you, they are taking advantage of the Power inside you.  They are building up negative karma for themselves which may have an immediate or delayed impact upon their lives.

Pay attention to circumstances in your life when you feel the need to assert your rights.  Ask yourself the question: "If I was looking at the situation from the outside, what would be the best decision for all involved?" instead of immediately jumping in and making decisions on behalf of your ego.  If necessary, ask an impartial friend who is able to weigh the matter justly what a fair course of action is.

An even higher course of action is to turn the table on these circumstances and use them as a chance to befriend your adversary or share love with others.  In this manner, the arrows that come at you in life turn into flowers and fall harmlessly at your feet.  Others instantly know on some level when another is taking a higher ground in a matter and respect them.  How can someone want to hurt another who is smiling, with outstretched arms?  They will not, or, if they do, it will be apparent to others what is going on.  They will come to your aid in one way or another.

A simple truth is that any war that has ever occurred happened because someone refused to put down their weapon.  It is impossible for there to be a battle if the other party is disarmed.  No one can fight with you if you refuse to fight back.

Of course, there are times when you must, out of self-respect, stand up for yourself and, to not do so, will obviously inflict irreparable harm upon yourself or others.  In such cases, by all means, do what is necessary to make sure that such harm is not inflicted.  However, your first concern should be taking an altruistic view of the situation and associated action.  There is a benefit to invoking the Power of the Universe in such matters.  You can rest easy knowing that God is going before you, coordinating events, opening doors and bestowing such blessings upon you that you are not able to imagine.  When you invoke the Unseen, the seeming "power" that you gave away will come back to you in ten- or a hundred-fold as you reap these heavenly rewards.

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