Saturday, June 23, 2012

Poem for a Weary Traveler

Poem for a Weary Traveler

O, Weary Traveler!
Take off your shoes and come rest
In my home, you can rest easy
In my love, you can relax
For the burdens that you carry
Are made of tiny feathers to me

O, Worried Traveler,
Why do you worry?
In my house, your troubles are so far away
In my hope, you are free
O dear child, curl up at my feet
And sleep a sound sleep

O, Burdened Traveler,
Your heaviness is light!
Do you not see?
The things that you cling to
Are but vapors and mist
Let them fade into empty space

My Dear Traveler,
Come and rest with me!
Let this rest be as long as you like
For I am always with you
Let my light guide you
Let my love hold you

My Sweet Traveler,
I do love you and care for you
Do you not see?
I am you and you are me
We are one, you and I
We will always dance this dance together

My Dearest Traveler,
Sleep now and rest
Let my peace be your peace
Let my hope be your hope
You are free now
Rest in my love now, now rest...


  1. Hi Emily,

    My name is Tim Wilson and I wrote this. Have a great day!