Thursday, November 24, 2011

Being Thankful

"The most powerful way you can give thanks is thanking yourself for who You are."

Today is a day to give thanks.  Thanks is expressing gratitude to God, those around you, our earth and yourself for all that you have.  The place we all need to get to is a constant attitude of praise and thanksgiving for all that we have.  Today is a good day to practice this new way of living.

As we are thankful and grateful for everything in our lives, our internal state changes.  Our vibration changes to a higher vibration, the highest of which is Love.  If our vibration is of Love, we are attracting people, circumstances and things into our lives that match this vibration.  In a word, as you become more loving, you will be surrounded by loving people and the quality of your life will change on the physical plane.

There are three ways that we can practice thanksgiving.  The first of which is the most obvious, being thankful to God for all that we have.  This is actually the least effective manner of giving thanks, because our concept of God is that "God is out there."  Our attitude is "Fine.  I'll give thanks to this God."  It's as if this God lives high on a mountain and we are bringing our sacrificial thanks to Her altar.  The good aspect of this is that at least we are getting out of ourselves to give thanks.

The second way we can give thanks is thanking other people for them just being them.  We have a tendency to put conditions on our gratefulness when it comes to other people.  The highest level of thanksgiving is thanking them for their Spirit.  Other people are reflections of God back to you.  They represent a different aspect of God that, ordinarily, would not be in your consciousness.  Thank them just for being in your life, nothing more, nothing less.

The third most powerful way you can give thanks is thanking yourself for who You are.  You are a reflection of God, yourself, and are an eternal force of good in this world.  You are an instrument of God by which God can represent Herself in this material world.  Be thankful for the eternal Spirit that you have.  Appreciate for a moment that you are an eternal Being.  Shower yourself with Love, thanksgiving and gratefulness.  The reason why this is the most powerful way to give thanks is that any outward expression of thanks comes from the inward reservoir of thankfulness, gratefulness and Love that you have for yourself.  Increase your internal vibration of thankfulness and this vibration will naturally flow to others and to God.

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