Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Are All Energy

"Yield your spirit to the Energy of the universe and see that we are all united and part of one cohesive whole."

There are many levels that are planes of existence.  I will not exhaustively list them all but, among them, are the spiritual, physical and energetic planes.  These are gross simplifications, but the energetic plane is a mixture of the physical and spiritual.

We are all energy.  At a basic level, the molecules of our bodies are composed of mostly empty space.  Energy vibrates at different rates.  The slower it vibrates, we see a condensation into physical matter.  Thoughts vibrate at a faster rate and the spiritual world vibrates at even a faster rate.  In a very real way, we have an entire Universe inside each of us, if we look at things on the energetic level.  Energy unites us all and provides a foundation we can all return to when discussing the spiritual world.

There are many lessons we can learn when we consider reality from the energetic plane.  The first and foremost lesson is that all forms, labels and systems are a trap.  If the thing uniting everything is energy, then we can explain everything in terms of energy.  If we try and assign a label to this or that, it may help our rational mind understand it but, in the end, it is still energy.

For example, I may look at water and have different words for different types of waves, notate how it may change form at various temperatures, and so on.  Others may, simultaneously, be observing this same thing and come up with their own words and notations.  However, can we not see that we are still studying water?  It is when I say that my theory and names are the one, true way that I run into problems.  Now, it is no longer about water but about the names or forms I have given it.

Similarly, if we can understand that the spiritual world is no different, then we have taken a very evolved spiritual step in our progress.  In the end, we are talking about energy.  It is this energetic component that unites us all.  To talk about it, we need the names, forms and labels.  Yet, to get caught up in these currencies we use to exchange ideas about the spiritual world is to miss the forest for the trees.  Yield your spirit to the Energy of the universe and see that we are all united and part of one cohesive whole.

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