Friday, December 16, 2011

Love is Here Now

"You do not have to do anything to experience the vastness and immenseness of the limitless Love that is deep inside your heart."

If there was any one thing that I thought was a central teaching that was being taught to me in the last year, it is this truth.  The first part of this truth, I knew right away intuitively.  I knew that the striving in this world was all for naught.  Love does not require anything from us.  The part I did not know right away was what this striving was trying to achieve.  We constantly are striving to remove the veil of separation between us and Love.  What does this really mean?  It means we are trying to add things into our life in order to feel love and that we are looking outside of ourselves for this love.

The answer is that this Love has always been inside you.  The illusion is that you are separate from it.  You are not.  The truth is that the enormity of this Love is within you, however, you have lacked the awareness of its presence.  This love can only be experienced.  It cannot be analyzed, theorized, or systematized.  In fact, when you try to think about it, you are separate from it.  This love comes from awareness and nothing more.  It is a deep peace, an everlasting joy, an eternal bliss that can be felt in the depth of your being, the very depth of your soul.

The part of us that feels separate from this joy wants to do something to earn it.  We want to strive for it, pursue it, slavishly yearn to be in its presence as we feel we are unworthy of it.  We want to renounce our freedoms, prostrate ourselves, and grovel in its presence, yet this Love does not want to be sacrificed to or idolized.  This Love is You.  As long as we fear it and put it on a pedestal, we continue to put up the illusion of separation from this Love.  In truth, nothing can separate us from this Love.  Once you feel its strength, experience its magnanimity, you will understand.  We do not have to do anything to experience this love.  We do not have to earn it.  We cannot buy it.  It is freely given to all those who will acknowledge its existence.

How freeing and liberating it is to know that this "coming home" is realizing that we are already there!  It frees us from the vehicles of religion, dogma, right acts, service, devotion and countless others that easily become our master rather than a conductive channel to merge us with Love.  This freedom means that there is no one path to love but a path that resonates with your own heart.  It is a journey that you may choose to embark on, on your own volition.  This journey is not even necessary given the realization that You have.  Yet, it is a journey that we take that is motivated by the very Love that called out to us.  We cannot help but want to serve others and allow this love to percolate from our being.  You do not have to do anything to experience the vastness and immenseness of the limitless Love that is deep inside your heart.

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