Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brokenness and Joy

"There is joy in all things because we see the blessings in hardship."

A friend of mine watched the video of my blog post on "The Law of Brokenness" and had a very interesting comment that I wanted to explore.  The place I want to always be in life (and in my writings) is open to new ideas and changes to any idea.  I do not take ownership of these thoughts, as most of them are based off of teachings elsewhere anyways.  An important truth that I am realizing is the importance of being open.  Our Western training teaches us that truth is absolute and either right or wrong, however truth is relative and inclusive.  I like the idea of resonating.  Some truths resonate with some people and not with others.

The point was that one can surrender to joy and not only when you are destitute.  That is a great point and one that I will explore a bit.  My intention in referring exclusively to brokenness was to identify a trend that I noticed, which seems to contradict it being a law.  However, the trend is so strong that I thought it warranted being considered a law.  My immediate response was renaming the law to "The Law of Surrender."  Before I address that directly, I also wanted to point out that brokenness on the spiritual path needs to be approached from a higher perspective.  From this perspective, there is joy in being broken.  There is joy in all things because we see the blessings in hardship.  This is one point that maybe should have been more fully developed.

At the time of brokenness, I doubt many are joyful, however, so I completely agree that it is important to focus more on the end result which is surrender.  To say that the Power of the Universe only works through a certain class of people is limiting this Power.  So, in this law of surrender, I acknowledge that the path to surrender usually involves a brokenness of some kind.   However, surrender can readily occur through joy as well.

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