Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Higher Consciousness

"In the kingdom of God within every heart lies the perfection of Love, where such dualities do not exist."

As I progress on my spiritual path, one thing that I have been thinking about quite a bit is something that people refer to as a unitive state of consciousness.  I have been introduced to a lot of new concepts and this is one that resonated with me.  When I say "thinking", I mean I have come come to a place of knowing about this state and then have been attempting to integrate that into my life.

There are many different ways, I could define "unitive", so what I mean is that this is a state of consciousness where duality ceases to exist.  There are different levels or planes of truth.  This enables multiple viewpoints to be simultaneously valid, depending on which plane you are operating from.  

Good and bad, right and wrong, and other dualities live in the domain of this world.  In the kingdom of God within every heart lies the perfection of Love, where such dualities do not exist.  It is my view that this Love essence is the building block for the physical reality that we see as well as the core of our being.  In other words, all planes of consciousness collapse down to the God-plane, where there is only Love.

All in this world point towards living from the inner life as the primary reality.  If that is your reality, you see all is perfect as it is.  Even injustice is but a pointer to detach yourself from this world and live in the Spirit.  In fact, even attaching to the positive aspect of duality ensures that we encounter the negative.  The goal is to live without attachment.  All experience in life is but an exercise in detaching from this world and living a life of Love.  

The trick about unitive consciousness is we only get glimpses of it at first.  This happens through meditation or any other centering activity.  My goal is to try to live in a unitive state of consciousness as much as possible.  The challenging aspect of this is that I must act "as if" I am always in this plane, even when I do not feel like it or am really operating from a more base level.  Unitive consciousness seems to also imply something, that I will not explore here, which is uniting with others in one common Consciousness, that is the Christ Consciousness.  This will be explored in future posts.

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