Sunday, January 29, 2012

Law of Brokenness

"The Law of Brokenness is that the Power of the Universe works through the broken, through the destitute, downtrodden, and outcasts."

There are many spiritual laws that govern our universe.  These laws are similar to the law of gravity in that they always are in effect.  A law that has recently become very apparent to me, I will call the "Law of Brokenness."  To effectively introduce this law as well as describe how and why it works, I will need to start from the beginning.

We are eternal beings in a human incarnation.  This world is our playground or school to learn lessons and evolve spiritually.  The greatest tool we have at our disposal is our will power.  With it, we can literally choose living a life in heaven or hell right here and now.  We can accept or deny God with it.  This law has been designed so that it takes a force of our will to accept God, which we formally define as a Power greater than ourselves.  If God came in flashing lights and physically appeared in human form to each of us, working all sorts of miracles, that lessens the faith required to believe in this power.  Of course, this occurs from time to time but cannot happen for every person.  If this were to occur, this, in essence, weakens our will and defeats the purpose of us having a will in the first place.

For the pundits who exclaim, "there is no God because I am calling on her to levitate this table 3 feet in the air", this will not occur because of the lessening of the will.  This Power is much more subtle than that.

The Law of Brokenness is that the Power of the Universe works through the broken, through the destitute, downtrodden, and outcasts.  The reason for this is that the embodiment of Love requires absolute surrender to our identification with any part of this world, call this the ego.  If there is but one strand of connection to this world, we block the totality of Love from entering us.  This really is an all or nothing proposition.  A broken person more readily admits and knows that clinging on to Form spells ultimate disaster and is more willing to surrender the totality of themselves to this Power.

This law also calls to light that true spirituality does not necessarily lurk in a monastery, church, convent, temple, or other gathering place but in groups of people that have acknowledged their brokenness.  This is also the paradox that keeps God out of the lime-light, presenting stumbling blocks for the prideful, arrogant and conceited.  To find the Answer, we must do the seeking not have it pre-processed and hand-delivered to us.

The next time you feel yourself putting up a wall of arrogance, remember that Power is with the broken.  Admit your brokenness to others and use it as a fuel to deepen your faith.

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